Sydney is expensive. Really expensive. Like 6 USD$ for a glass of wine expensive – and it’s not even a good wine. The salaries are accordingly, true, but also the rent is according to the salaries, so basically you end up where you started: with not enough bucks left to go for a social outing with your mates every couple days – after you fed yourself and treated yourself, your significant other or both of you to a wardrobe full of lululemon yogapants and colorful sports bras. But fear not: Nifty marketers and survival artists in this concrete jungle came up with a magical solution for this ailment that plagues us all – and it’s called Happy Hour! This Instagram account eatures happy hour deals around Sydney – only happy hour deals! That’s what we’ve been missing all along…

Drinks, drinks, drinks

You are very mistaken if you think of Happy Hours as a measure that dodgy bars use to lure in clueless customes, to be served stale beers and sour wine. In Sydney, pretty much every venue does the occasional happy hour: From the hip cocktail bar and the stylish cuban restaurant to the cozy neighborhood pub will you find sweet deals for drinks that will cut the prices in half, usually for two hours somewhere between 4 and 7pm. On special are mostly selected wines and beers, a couple of different cocktails, but also spirits – so a little bit of everything the bar has to offer!

Foodie Deals

But it is not only alcoholic beverages that you can cheer to at a reduced price – plenty of places offer highly discounted food as well to soak up the extra liquid in your stomach! From the infamous El Camino which has massive margaritas for 7.5$ along with completely free Nachos and 3$ tacos to the 10$ burger- or pizza-deal at the Irish pub next door: If you know where to go, you can almost every day eat like you’re already running that big biz you’re dreaming about – while you’re still paying like you’re on a student budget!

Coffee makes you happy

Even if you’re neither a bar- nor a food person (weird, but ok, no judgement from my side!), Sydney’s happy hours got you covered! With coffee happy hours! Jup that’s right: At selected cafes the price for flat white & co drops to about $2,50 in the late morning and afternoon! Thats your caffeine fix for cheap without sacrificing quality! Even in the mornings you can get stellar deals for a coffee & toast-combo for 5-6$, just look out for those scribbled on blackboards all over town.

Takeout for dinner

And if you really dont feel social after a long work day and just want to grab something eatable to curl up on the couch with – but preferably without the 15-20$ bill that typically comes with the main dish, I’ve got you covered as well: Look out for food courts and Asian style buffet stalls! They’ll sell all their food at highly discounted rates as soon as lunchtime is over! Curry & Rice for $5 or $ 1,50 Sushi, anyone? Grab & go – and be quick, your faves might be sold out faster than you can make up your mind as to what to order!

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