In the past days, you’ve come a long way via one of Australia’s, nay, the worlds most iconic roadtrip routes: The Great Ocean Road. But now it is time to put that amazement aside and focus on some of the other jewels this massive piece of land Down Under has to offer.

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Roos, Roos, Roos (and some seals)

Stop at Cape Bridgewater around 4pm, refuel with some pastries at the Cape Bridgewater Cafe and brace yourself: You’re going on a hike that might turn out to be the most unique one of your life. Ask in the Cafe for the “Seal Walk”-starting point, and off you go. Down at first, and then up, up, up along the beautiful rugged coast, with a view as wide as the sea and the sky. You might have come for the seals, but they are far far down, playing in the waves, bobbing up and down, chilling on the rocks. But look around. The kangaroos, oh they are everywhere. Big and small, fat and slim, shy and brave. Take pictures, a million of them, because that’s true Australia for you. Breathe the fresh air and embrace the moment! Stay the night in one of the many holiday parks in Portland.

Elaschreibt Adelaide Texterin

South Australian Wine at its finest

The drive towards Port Victor leads you past the cobalt-colored Blue Lake

Elaschreibt Adelaide Texterin

towards some of Australia’s most iconic wineries. Follow the road along the prestigious estates of Penfolds and Coonawarra. Stop for a quick tasting of excellent wine and local produce, or go on to the more intimate wine region of Langhorne Creek. Angus Plain’s Estate awaits you with pizza and, more importantly, their signature sparkling red.

Elaschreibt Adelaide Texterin

Penguins, Seals and Horses

For the evening, factor in some time in the charming little town of Port Victor, where you can take a horse drawn carriage across the bride to a small island who’s inhabitants are small and shy but quite noisy: Fairy Penguins. Book a tour at dusk to spot the little birds before cozying up in tent, hotel room or motorhome for a last relaxing night’s sleep before you reach Adelaide.

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